Reno Run 4 Love

When I first introduced my husband, I introduced him as my running buddy. This title started during college. Back then, he kept me safe during long runs in a questionable part of town. After he graduated, we ran a five mile race together with less than a day before he had to report to his job in Iowa. He finished the race and then drove fourteen hours to report to work the next day. I ended up in the emergency room that night.

Cinco de Miler. May 5th, 2013.
When we returned from Malaysia, we ran races together all over Dallas. These included everything from 5k's to a half marathon.

Dallas Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon Relay. March 2015.
Then life got busyChaoticUncertain. We stopped running together. I was put in survival mode, attempting to just stay alive.

Marriage is hard.
Life is hard.
Being chronically ill is hard.

I was drowning.

I saw an advertisement for a new race through downtown Reno for Valentines Day. I asked my husband if he was interested in running a race with me.

Would I like to run four miles with someone I love?
I think yes.
Confession: I did not train for this race. Life is still too hectic for me to establish a regular running routine. We woke up morning of, I increased my meds, and ventured to the cold downtown area. I do hope to start regularly running once the weather warms up.

It's cold!
Want the shirt? You can order it here.
Proceeds benefit NADF, AIU, and keeping the Curve Plotter live.

As I turned the corner and saw the finish line, I started sprinting. My husband was chatting with two lovely ladies as I took off. It caught him off guard, but he is much faster than me. He was still able to catch me, even with my head start.

Gun Time: I won. I crossed the finish line before him.
Chip Time: He beat me by a second!
I wanted Reno Run 4 Love to mark a fresh start for us. We have been married for three years, but we cannot take each other for granted if we plan on staying married.

This is our home.
This year, I want to run more races together. I already have several mapped out. Our next one is a "flat" 5k on March 12th.


I never ran that 5k on March 12th. On March 10th, 2017, my abuser triggered a flare by starting a fight with me. It required the use of my emergency injection.

He went to deliver that injection straight into a bone.

I was terrified.

I had to physically move his hand and redirect the needle to my thigh, the location where he had delivered the injection countless times before. I spent that weekend in absolute fear, avoiding him at all costs. I fled the house on March 15th, 2017.

I am now free.
I am now safe.
I am always Clearly Alive.

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