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In case you missed it, Action for Adrenal Awareness released July's videos on YouTube. The topic this month was on various aspects of travel. We pulled from all of our combined experiences to share some of our key tips and tricks. Below are our four videos:

Kim: On Road Trips and Car Rides

Kim was considered our go to expert for road trips and car rides. Due to where she lives, she travels frequently by car to attend all specialist doctor appointments and to visit relatives. Her key takeaways can be applied to every type of travel and are summed up below:
  1. Know your limits.
  2. Be prepared.
She also has the following tips and tricks:

Kim encourages us to do whatever we need to do in order to make it a good trip for us.

Debby: On Camping and Visiting Remote Locations

We also have a resident camping expert on our team! Once a year, Debby goes on her week long solo camping trip with just her dog. She does not let her disease stop her from enjoying the great outdoors, but she does take specific steps in order to be prepared. She stressed the importance of carrying the following three items with you at all times:
  1. Your medical alert bracelet.
  2. Your emergency injection kit.
  3. Extra medicine.
Carry those with you whether you're camping in a remote location, or running a quick errand. Especially that medical alert bracelet. Consider it a part of you now that you never take off. 

Below are a few more tips and tricks:
Debby encourages us to listen to our body and understand it's need for cortisol. Learn our limitations. Once we figure those out, we can enjoy so much. Camping in remote locations does not have to be off limits just because we live with Adrenal Insufficiency.

But if camping seems much too difficult, she reminds us that we can just go enjoy outside and enjoy life.

Amber Nicole: On Airports and Airplanes

I actually filmed my video while waiting to catch a red eye flight for a spontaneous trip back to Texas to celebrate Independence Day. Nothing like filming a video about airplanes and airports while waiting at an airport, right? Here are my main points:
  1. Purposefully factor in rest time.
  2. Watch for dehydration.
Some additional notes:
This tips and tricks were able to serve Wendy well during her recent trip to Thailand.

Nichole: On General Travel and Packing of Medicine

Nichole's video covered travel in general along withe the packing of medicine. She reminds us that travel does not need to be by airplanes, or long car rides, or camping in remote locations to be considered travel.

Her summary is valid for every type of travel:
  1. Pack your meds.
  2. Pack more than you think you need.
  3. Verify that your kit actually contains everything that you think it does.
Below are some additional notes from her video:

After watching Nichole's video, I went and checked all of my different emergency packs and bags. I realized that all of my Zofran had expired and I was almost out of salt tabs. It felt good to know that my kits are up to date and that if an emergency happens, I am prepared.

I challenge y'all to go check your kits now and report back your findings. Did you need to update anything?

Did we forget anything? Are there any tricks that you would like to add? Please share them in the comments! 

And as always, if there are any specific topics that you would like us to cover, suggest them here.

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