Another Brief Update

The last time I gave a brief update, I was rather frustrated at my health and my situation. Don't worry readers! That is not the case here.

The truth is I am swamped.

My wedding is on March 1st. The countdown on my phone tells me that is in twenty-one days.

But that's not everything. My work is moving me to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia immediately after my wedding. Theoretically, my start date in Malaysia is on March 10th. I finish my current job assignment on February 21st. I will then put my life into storage and head over to Arizona. After the wedding, my running buddy and I will fly to Malaysia for my six month work assignment. We shall return stateside in September.

It's crunch time y'all.

Unfortunately during crunch time, I do not have the time to update with my adventures. However, more stories are coming soon! I have so many exciting things to share! For example, I ran a five mile race on February 2nd. I also made a huge discovery in regards to what food makes me feel sick and what food doesn't. I even have plans to share writings of others living with Adrenal Insufficiency to show how they strive to remain Clearly Alive.

In summary, I'm swamped but it's a good swamped. More adventures coming soon! Be excited!

Sneak peak picture: After our five mile race.
It was much colder than last year.

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