Photos in the Desert

I will marry my Running Buddy in under two months.

I can very easily get overwhelmed when all attention is focused on me. And I'm about to be a bride. Ack. In a future post, I will explain how even good stress such as super happy moments can drain all of the energy from me. For example, I was very close to passing out on the day that I bought my wedding dress.

However, I can do simple things that will make March 1st go smoothly with my Addison's. One of these things included meeting with our wedding photographer before the wedding in order for us to get to know each other. Because I mentioned how I miss the beauty of the desert, she scouted out an amazing location for our shoot. This involved driving a good hour outside of the city, parking the car on the side of a freeway, hopping two barb wired fences, and hiking a bit through the beautiful desert.

It had been a while since I have done any regular physical activity. I was actually unsure of how my body would react to exploring uneven terrain.

Before we began the photo shoot, I ate a small snack and took an extra 5 mg of HC. Then we hopped over the barbed wire to scout out the best rocks, grass, and cacti.

I kept a water bottle nearby, drinking from it rather frequently.

Each time we climbed on a new rock, my Running Buddy held my hand and stabilized me until the dizziness caused by my POTS had subsided.

After the photo shoot was over, our photographer asked more about my Addison's Disease.

I mentioned how the fact that I was able to be out in the Desert for these photos marked a HUGE improvement in my overall health after The Nightmare.

He was quite proud of that cactus skeleton.
I told her about how I went from running a half marathon at a really good time to being couch bound for a few months until my mom and I could piece together what was keeping me so ill.

But she should not worry because I am finally doing so much better through my diet changeB12 treatment, and getting off of that horrible generic.

No matter what, I will never give up my fight to be Clearly Alive. And I have been blessed to have an amazing team of doctors, friends, and family who stand with me and support me with my journey.

She was silent for a while when I had finished speaking. After her silence came her shock that I would be out exploring the desert when I lived with a disease that can easily kill me through just vomiting. 

I explained how I cannot live my life in fear. I cannot be constantly worrying about the "what-if's." My life is an adventure, and I am going to make the most of it.

Bring on 2014! We are ready for you!

All photos were taken by Rebekah Sampson Photography. Thank you for the amazing work!
You can see more of our photos on Rebekah's website here.