Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Next Chapter - Part Four

When we first announced our move to Reno, we naively thought we had a good idea of what was going to happen. My husband was set to start his new engineering job in October of 2015, and I would follow in December of 2015.  But everything changed when that job offer was rescinded less than twelve hours before he was set to move.

I do not wish that experience on anyone. My husband and I decided to delay our move by a few months and still relocate. We had no jobs and no solid plans, just a small encouraging voice stating "Go. It'll be ok."

So we went.

Mig watching the birds from one of his many spots.
In March, I began my new engineering job. In April, my husband began his new engineering job. In June, we started talking about purchasing a house. We got a realtor recommendation from some friends and scheduled our first appointment for Wednesday, June 22nd. We viewed our first home on Friday, June 24th.

Wild horses seen on the drive into our new town.
We didn't intend to put an offer on the very first home we saw. But when my husband and I walked into that house, we knew we had found the one. We successfully closed on August 12th, 2016.

The view from our front yard.
We won't immediately move into the new house, as there are some home remodeling projects that we would like to complete first. Although not necessarily related to Adrenal Insufficiency, they might pop up every now and then on this blog.

Welcome Home.
But that isn't the only exciting change that has happened in our lives.

Meet Charlotte: A nine year old, eight pound sweetheart.

Meet Toby: A nine year old, fifteen pound fluff ball.
We have added two more kitties into the Clearly Alive family! A friend from high school had to re-home her two adult cats due to her son's allergies. While I am sorry she had to surrender part of her family, I am beyond ecstatic to incorporate them into mine. Mig is still adjusting to the addition of Toby and Charlotte. Our sweet dog Echo is completely oblivious. She doesn't really care if we have one cat or three, as long as my husband still gives her attention.

Charlotte seems so tiny!

Mig views Toby's tail as the ultimate cat toy.
As for my adrenal insufficiency, it has been pretty stable. My endocrinologist discovered that my parathyroid gland was performing sub-par, so he started me on treatment at the beginning of July. That, along with regular B12 injections, salt-tabs, and a lower stress life style have me feeling surprisingly good.

I cannot wait to share with y'all more stories as this Clearly Alive family continues to adjust to our new home, new challenges, and new victories all while living with adrenal insufficiency.

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  1. Dear Amber,
    I am so happy for you both.
    Congratulations on your new jobs and your new home.
    Your new home looks beautiful.
    You both deserve it and so much more.
    I pray that God continues to guide you and bless all that you do.
    ( I also have Addison's disease, so I feel a kinship with you.)

  2. I know that when I returned to Austin and bought a house, it was the beginning of being very happy with life and the family.

    Joe Garcia

    1. We are so looking forward to all the adventures that come along with this chapter of our life.

      And hopefully we can keep the medical ones to a minimum ;)

      ~ Amber

  3. Hey Amber, glad to see you're doing well! Your new family looks happy, and cat photos are always great. Hope the move and subsequent living in your house all goes well, and maybe I'll drop by when I'm in town for a visit.

    1. Oh I expect a visit! :) You and your family are always welcome at our home.

      ~ Amber

  4. I talked to your folks, Amber, as they were weaving their way to see your new home. So happy to hear of your latest events and then stumbled on this blog today. I rarely check but so glad I did. Love you both! Sandra Anne


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