To Hell and Back

When visiting Cayman Islands, you can make a trip to Hell. This little section of the Island is named for the landscape that looks like it was formed from violent volcanoes. In reality, the rocks were eaten away by erosion over many years.

A picture of Hell.
Photo from December 2017.
It's not much to see, but my mom wanted to take me there. I'm sure the taxi driver thought we were two dumb American tourists when we insisted on "Going to Hell" after our snorkeling excursion. But he acquiesced, and took us to our requested destination.

Of course there is a cat in Hell.
And of course, I instantly made friends with him.
Photo from December 2017.
Once we were there, we explained to our driver that we were not there for a tourist trap. While my grandmother was still alive, she had watched me "Run Thru Hell" and win.

Photo from July 2012.
Additionally, my mom went on a cruise with my grandmother before her health started to significantly decline. They visited this exact spot, despite my deeply religious grandmother's hesitation.

Just two generations of Assyrian warriors standing at the edge of Hell.
Photo from 2011.
And now, here I was, many years later standing with my mom in the same spot.

Just two generations of Assyrian warriors standing at the edge of Hell.
Photo from December 2017.
I come from multiple generations of incredibly strong women. From my great-grandmother, to my grandmother, to my mom, to me - our blood flows with an indomitable spirit.

Now a trip to Hell does require preparation.
I have my cortisol pump and my CamelBak.
Photo from December 2017.
So take that life! I've been to Hell and back!

I think I shall leave Hell now and move on with my life.
Photo from December 2017.
And through it all, I am Clearly Alive.

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