ICYMI: Holiday Greetings

In case you missed it, Action for Adrenal Awareness released December's video on YouTube. This month, all four of us shared a few tips that help us manage the holidays. Below is our Holiday Message.

Amber Nicole

The Olive Thief as Santa Claus!

My encouragement to all y'all is to rest. Do not be afraid to sneak away from large crowds or group gatherings to hide and regain strength. Because happy stress, is good stress, but it is still stress. And living with Adrenal Insufficiency sometimes makes dealing with stress a bit difficult. Do not feel guilty about the need to rest. If anything, being well rested will help you better enjoy the time spent with others.


Debby sending us her greetings, as she's in the process of moving.

Debby is sending us her greetings for the last time from this particular kitchen as she is in the process of moving. She reminds us that if you are going to be traveling, make sure you have all your medicine (carry it on), your medical alert bracelet (you really should wear this at all times), and be very mindful of your hydration levels. Also, the holiday times normally involve meeting up with others you haven't seen in a while, and sometimes personalities can clash. If moving to another room to avoid that person is not an option, do not be afraid to updose.


Nichole, with her furbaby Desmond. He makes Mig look TINY.

Nichole reminds us that over the holiday period, we are going to have a lot going on, so don't forget to up dose. But also, it is very important to remember hydration. We have a tendency to get so busy this season that we forget to hydrate. It is incredibly important to keep that water flowing and the electrolytes going.


Kim displaying her beautiful Christmas tree.

Kim points out that Christmas is stressful. Even if it is good stress, that is still stress because it is a change of routine. With that in mind, Kim suggests that we minimize. She uses her Christmas tree as an example. This year she swapped her huge tree for a "Spoonie Tree," which only took her a few hours to decorate and a significantly less amount of energy. She also mentioned her test run at Thanksgiving and how she admitted she had neither the strength nor energy to prepare an entire meal. She requested help, for the first time ever. She encourages us to think about ways we can simplify and minimize this holiday season to make it easier on ourselves.

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