ICYMI: Month by Month Adrenal Insufficiency Check List

In case you missed it, Action for Adrenal Awareness released November's video on YouTube. This month, Nichole gave us a checklist to help break things down into bite-sized chunks. Below is our guide to staying on top of Adrenal Insufficiency one month at a time.


Plan ahead, don't overdo it with NY resolutions that are unrealistic.


Good time to review your diet - is it working for you? What changes could improve your Quality of life?


Book your Endo bloods check-up, update emergency documents 


Think about booking holidays and travel insurance, planning ahead is key.


Could you get your supplements in bulk cheaper if you order online? Which ones are you taking and why? Have your reviewed these with your pharmacist or GP?


Review suntan lotions, mosquito repellent, electrolyte drinks etc. before it gets hot out.


How are you coping with the longer days? Are you sleeping OK?


End of summer, time to check B12, vitamin D, iron, bone scans, etc.


Back to school time also means reminder to check with employer about accommodations and your work/ life balance. 


Time to check expiry dates on all medicines and check in with GP and/or Endo once again.


Take a moment before the holidays to be thankful for how well you are managing your condition.December - Before the crazy of seeing all the family, plan and review how to talk with others about your condition.

Did we forget anything? Please comment below! 
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