The Badass Brazos 10K

The picture of the finishers medal popped up on my facebook newsfeed one day. From the moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it.

I spontaneously signed up for the Badass Brazos half marathon in Waco, TX for August of 2015. We already had a half marathon on the calendar for September 2015, but I wanted that particular giant medal to proclaim my awesomeness.

Shortly after I hit submit on the registration form, I realized the foolishness of my actions. I might think that my husband and I are entitled to that medal, but there was no way we would be prepared for a half marathon by August in hilly and humid Waco, Texas. I frantically called the race director and begged to drop down to a shorter distance. They couldn't refund any money, but they could change our distance. This was the most expensive 10k race I have ever run, but I'd rather over pay for a distance than pay for a hospital visit. There was no shame in admitting that we were not ready for a half marathon.

To alleviate traveling stress, my husband and I decided that we would stay the night with some dear college friends instead of attempting a day trip. I had been to Waco before, but I always forget how badly I'm allergic to the town. Pollen count for grass was off the charts high that weekend. This translated into a perpetual headache regardless of the allergy medicine I consumed. Dear friends, I love your place but I hate your town. Grass and Amber do not mix.

Yay for friends!
Photo from August 2015.
During packet pick-up, the gal providing us with our race bibs looked strangely familiar. It took a while for me to place where I had met her before, but it was at a robotics competition back in Dallas swapping stories over some of our fun adventures. Devynn, if you're reading this, you're awesome. Stay awesome.

I am not going to run the half! But the 10k? I think we can handle the 10k because #I'MABADASS
Photo from August 2015.
The race route was surprisingly very pleasant. Normally, I despise the "out and back" type races, but this one had us running out completely up hill, turning around, and then running back completely downhill. Dear race directors, thank you for that gift. I sprinted across that finish line and earned my obnoxious medal.

So proud. Also, Longhorns are so Texan.
Photo from August 2015.
I was both Clearly Alive and Clearly a Bad Ass.

Ask me about Life-Saving Steroids.
This 10k race marked a smaller stepping stone for our longer half marathon in September of 2015. My time was 1:12:02, which I was perfectly content with considering my severe allergies to Waco! Although I have not yet been able to match or beat my running times from my 2013 Nightmare Crisis, that is ok. I am still able to enjoy running and am very thankful for the fact that I am still Clearly Alive.

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