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In case you missed it, Action for Adrenal Awareness released our first YouTube videos for the month of June. This team was launched in April of 2016 with a live stream YouTube video titled Action for Adrenal Awareness, shown below.

We rested for the month of May, but our plan moving forward is to release at least one video covering a variety of topics on the second Saturday of the month. For the month of June, we wanted to introduce ourselves. Below are a few of our videos.

Debby: Finding My Passion

Debby notes that "after diagnosis there was no way I could keep that pace. So I had to find something else to do, otherwise I would be laying on the couch all day whining about how bad I feel and I hurt. I didn't want that kind of life so I had to find my passion."

She was able to find her passion through baking. She also encourages us to find our passion. A diagnosis of Adrenal Insufficiency will change your life. But that does not mean you can give up on living. Look at some of the beautiful cakes Debby has created, a talent and a passion she did not discover until post diagnosis.

Kimberly: A Slice of My Life with Adrenal Insufficiency / Adrenal Disease Coupling

Kimberly encourages us that it takes about a year to adjust to our new normal of living with Adrenal Insufficiency. She also reminds us that this adjustment does not only effect those with the diagnosis but rather it forces an adjustment on everyone involved, especially the spouse. Kimberly later introduces us to her husband, as they talk about some of the changes that came about post-diagnosis.

As Mark states, "Yes. Life really will change. But being able to accept that change and appreciating whatever you have together with that person and really trying to enjoy what you can do together." He encourages both the diagnosed and the not diagnosed to acknowledge the grieving process. Do not attempt to hide the fact that there is a loss, but also appreciate what is still there taking things day by day.

This reinforces the point that a strong support system is critical when living with any disease. I know I am unbelievably thankful for both my husband and my parents. With their support and encouragement, I am able to remain Clearly Alive.

If you are feeling alone or unsupported, please reach out to one of us. There are many support avenues we can point you towards. You do not need to walk this journey alone.

Amber Nicole: Around the World with Adrenal Insufficiency

My story is unique from the other ladies in the fact that I never really had a "pre-diagnosis healthy" phase of life. I was either un-diagnosed and sick, or diagnosed and treated. Truth be told, I still wrestle with that fact as part of my own individual grieving process. But even with that label of "chronically ill," I have been able to experience so many amazing adventures all over the world.

I have always been chronically ill. Like Kimberly, I am so much more than my list of diagnoses. This is why I am passionate about being Clearly Alive. Like Debby, I have found my passion.

If you have a topic that you'd like us to cover, feel free to suggest it here.

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