One Year Anniversary Cruise- Part Three

This is a continuation of previous posts. You can find part one here and part two here.

At Progresso, our agenda involved touring Mayan ruins, lunch, and an afternoon show. This translated into lots of walking in the Mexican heat. Given my shaky morning, I had to rest many times at the beginning and could not keep up with the larger group. But I was not allowed to slow down.

Standing in front of a Mayan ruin.
I welcomed that lunch break and was thankful the afternoon section involved watching a show in the shade before returning to the ship. Once again, I did not have the strength to attend dinner that night. I was exhausted and used the evening to rest in silence. Once again, my husband left me alone in the room as to not ruin his vacation.

The next morning, I realized that I had a bad sunburn. You would think by now I would have learned the painful lesson that sunburns and adrenal insufficiency do not mix and I need to be more mindful with reapplying sunscreen. You would be wrong. For some reason, I feel the need to teach myself this painful lesson frequently.

I spent the last day at sea mostly indoors, nursing my sunburn. I stopped by the medical bay in order to purchase aloe vera lotion. Did you know that cruise ships are able to administer IV fluids at sea? If at any moment I was unable to keep ahead of my adrenal insufficiency, the sick bay would have been able to treat me. I was incredibly encouraged by this revelation.

The next day, we disembarked and spent a couple of hours in Galveston before driving to Houston to fellowship with a few friends from college.

Spontaneous Miranda Lambert Concert.
Bonus points to the lady in the second row who photo bombed the picture.
Gluten free delicious crepes before starting the drive back to Dallas.
There were scary moments on the cruise but I was able to prevent my adrenal insufficiency from spiraling into a full blown Adrenal Crisis. Most of the intervention came in the form of additional steroids, more fluids, and ample rest. Although that meant that I did not participate in every activity that I wanted to, it also meant that I did not end up in an international hospital.

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