Independence Day in Malaysia

Last year, we had to improvise a celebration for Independence Day while living abroad. There was another Texan family living in the same hotel as us, so we threw together very last minute a spontaneous "Texans in Malaysia Celebrate Independence Day Grill Out!" We started off by commandeering a back section of our hotel pool.

We used chairs to block the path. Kids are not allowed out.
Others are not allowed in. This spot is ours.
Next, we required burgers. Because we lived in the middle of Kuala Lumpur with no access to any sort of respectable grill, we had to employ our trusted George Foreman to handle "grilling" the homemade burger patties. We were fortunate enough to discover an amazing sandwich shop located in Avenue K that actually offered Gluten Free bread!

"Grilled" Burgers for the 4th of July!
But we needed more than just the burgers for it to be considered a successful Independence Day feast. We needed to include all the fixins! I was able to find all the ingredients required to make guacamole, though I did have to substitute Thai chiles for jalapeƱos. Warning, that adds a bit of an extra kick.

Corn. Made from scratch Guacamole. Chips. Gluten Free Cookies.
So delicious.
After all, a celebration is not complete without good friends and fellowship.

My husband found some cheap confetti poppers.
We pretended those were fireworks.

We wanted to make our only Independence Day in Malaysia special, and I believe we did.

Not quite fireworks, but close enough.
For my friends also living with Adrenal Insufficiency, please be mindful of how you are feeling today as you celebrate. Watch out for low cortisol symptoms and make sure you are extremely pro-active about remaining hydrated. If you start to feel overwhelmed, it is ok to rest for a while. I want us all to remain Clearly Alive and still be able to enjoy the holiday!

Happy 4th of July, y'all!