The Cortisol Pump

Dear readers, I now feel comfortable disclosing something to y'all. I am using a Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm 715 pump to infuse solu-cortef as my main treatment for my Adrenal Insufficiency. I have been on this treatment for over a year.

Everything in my life is colorful. Even my pump.
I could not publicly announce it when I first started treatment because the door opened up in an unorthodox and unexpected way. Also, please note that the use of a pump for Adrenal Insufficiency is very contentious within the medical community. It definitely can make some doctors nervous.

Most people see this and instantly assume "Diabetes: Insulin."
I thus label my pump as "NOT DIABETIC" and "NOT INSULIN."

What the Cortisol Pump Is:

The pump is a very accurate medicine delivery system using an alternate deliver method for a known and approved Adrenal Insufficiency treatment (solu-cortef) in order to create cortisol levels similar to that of a person with a normally functioning endocrine system.

What the Cortisol Pump Is NOT:

The pump is a very individualized treatment plan. It takes each patient a different amount of time to find their ideal dose and rates. Things are further complicated when dealing with multiple illnesses and diseases. I say this not to discourage those seeking this treatment. I just want to caution them. The pump takes work.


The doctor that pioneered this method is Professor Peter Hindmarsh of Great Ormond Street Hospital in the UK. He has done amazing work for improving the quality of life and treatment for those living with Adrenal Insufficiency. A great wealth of resources can be found at his website here. Below are three links from Great Ormond Street Hospital that are useful:

Here are a few case studies:

And here is a high level summary:

Advice for those with Adrenal Insufficiency Wanting the Pump:

A cortisol pump is a very individualized treatment that must take many factors into account. It also requires a completely new mindset. Did this treatment drastically improve my quality of life? Yes. Does it take a large amount of work? Yes.

After using this treatment for over a year, it is my personal believe that the pump will never be the mainstream treatment for Adrenal Insufficiency. BUT there are many who can benefit from it. If you want one, the best thing for you to do is research. Do your homework. Learn the good and the bad. Present a case to your current doctor. See if there is an open door.

The data is there. This treatment works. But you must be your own advocate for it.

My medical alert bracelet has been updated.
I blacked out my last name and DOB.
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