The Wedding Cake Predicament

We could not have a traditional wedding cake. Traditional wedding cakes have gluten. I no longer eat gluten. Gluten free cakes can taste bad. I did not want a bad tasting wedding cake. Thus, we had a predicament.

Photo by Rebekah Sampson Photography.
Our caterer was providing a sheet cake for our guests at the reception. However, we did not know what to do for our individual cake. My mom and I had previously decided to use Cakepops 101 as favors for our guests. We asked Kim if she would be willing to also make a smaller gluten free cake specifically for me.

Photo by Rebekah Sampson Photography.
When my husband and I met with her two months before the wedding, she confessed to us that she had never made a gluten free cake before. I told her I was not the stereotypical bride. I did not have a long list of requirements and expectations. That would steal too many spoons. I just had one request for our cake: Make a chocolate gluten free cake that tastes good.

Photo by Rebekah Sampson Photography.
For those of y'all that live in the gluten free world with me, you understand what I mean. "Gluten Free" can be synonymous with "Cardboard Crap." I did not care what my cake looked like. I just wanted it to taste good.

Photo by Rebekah Sampson Photography.
Kim did an absolutely amazing job! Not only was our cake absolutely delicious, it was also so simple and beautiful. I was able to share it with our other gluten free guests who agreed that this was one of the best tasting cakes they every had.

Photo by Rebekah Sampson Photography.
He was concentrating so hard because he didn't want to mess up our cake.
Later during our reception, my husband was having such a good time dancing that he actually knocked over our cake! I look up from my conversation to see a group of people huddled around the cake table and my husband worrying if I would be upset. Of course I was not upset! The fact that my own husband knocked over our wedding cake was hilarious! Between the two of us, he is definitely more of the life of the party.

Photo by Rebekah Sampson Photography.
Don't worry! The cake was salvaged.
Due to our immediate departure to Malaysia after the wedding, my husband and I did not even try to save a piece of our cake in the freezer to eat on our one year anniversary. Oh no. As soon as we got the left overs from my parents, we stuffed our faces. Forget one year, that cake lasted for three days. We took the final bites on the airplane leaving Arizona ready to start our next adventure on the other side of the world!

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