Old, New, Borrowed, Blue!

While I strayed away from many wedding traditions (I did not wear a veil. I used paper flowers. My husband and I ate the rest of our wedding cake in the two days before we flew to Malaysia), I did manage to get all four items in for "good luck." Confession: I left out the silver sixpence in my shoe. That did not seem comfortable.

Something Old: My Shoes

Did I mention it rained on my wedding day?
Photo by Rebekah Sampson Photography. 2014.
I did not want to shop for wedding shoes. I do not like the stress of shopping, especially for something important. Buying my wedding dress was scary enough. I kept procrastinating with my shoes until the only thing I could do was raid my closet. I pulled out my trusted silver shoes. I purchased these shoes (on sale) for my 10th grade homecoming dance. They took me to almost every single high school dance and formal event afterwards. If I was wearing a dress, I was probably wearing these heels.

I have a high level of comfort and familiarity with them. I know how to walk in them. I know how they behave. I also know they are falling apart. It will be a sad day when I have to finally retire these trusted silver shoes.

Something New: My Dress

I loved my dress.
Photo by Rebekah Sampson Photography. 2014.
This might count as cheating, but my wedding dress was brand new! Although my experience at David's Bridal was far from ideal, I did absolutely love my wedding dress. It was so beautiful. And comfortable. Comfort was very important to me.

Something Borrowed: My Jewelry

This set fit perfectly with the style of my dress.
Photo by Rebekah Sampson Photography. 2014.
I also did not want to go shopping for wedding jewelry. That seemed a little too stressful. Instead of raiding my closet like I did for my shoes, I raided my mom's collection. I am very fortunate in the fact that my mom has amazing tastes and I have been "borrowing" things from her for as long as I can remember. I wore her necklace and earrings and then returned them to her possession before I left the country.

Something Blue: My Hope Bracelet

Do you see the blue bracelet?
Photo by Rebekah Sampson Photography. 2014.
I wear a few pieces of jewelry that I never remove. One of them is my medical alert bracelet. Another is a small blue awareness bracelet from Etsy. The light blue represents Adrenal Insufficiency. The awareness ribbon has the word "hope" written on it. I also added two small spoons as a reminder that my energy is limited and I should use it wisely.

I am diseased for life. There is no cure for Adrenal Insufficiency. I will never out grow this, never move past this, and it could kill me very quickly if it ever spirals out of control. But that does not mean I should give up hope. This explains more of my passionate fight to be Clearly Alive, always.

I proudly wore my blue bracelet on my wedding day. I had a few extra spoons at my wrist, the word "hope" written on the awareness ribbon, and a blue heart reminding me how loved I am. March 1st, 2014 was absolutely amazing. But that is just a start of a more amazing adventure filled life that will never ever stop fighting to be Clearly Alive.