KL: Spelling

Similar to my post about Malaysian elevators, this post has absolutely nothing to do with living with Adrenal Insufficiency. It is a post about living in Malaysia.

Let me start out by saying that I am a victim of Whole Language. This has plagued me my entire life and will continue to plague me for the rest of my life. The first elementary school I went to did not believe in teaching Phonics. They believed it would ruin my self esteem. Instead, I was taught to spell words how they sounded to me.

Unfortunately, the English language does not operate according to my spelling rules.

This blog would have an insane amount of spelling errors if not for the fact that each post is edited and revised many times by several key people who can actually spell. I know I cannot spell. Everyone around me knows I cannot spell. My high school english teacher confided in my father that I was a lost cause for spelling and that my father, the English major, should just give up. I still think my father holds out hope that one day... maybe... possibly... I can learn how to spell. I consider it unlikely and am perfectly content relying on spell check and others to find my mistakes.

But now I live in Malaysia.


Bas vs. Bus
Sekolah vs. School
Time to catch the sekolah bas to learn about spelling!

Polis vs. Police
I never understood the whole ce thing.

Notis vs. Notice
If you are going to pronounce something like an s, shouldn't you use an s?

Tiket vs. Ticket
Kaunter vs. Counter
Actually, maybe it is just the letter c that I am not a fan of.

Teksi vs Taxi
And what is the deal with the letter x?

Ekspres vs. Express
The letter k is klearly sufficient.

Eksekutif vs. Executive
Do I need more proof?

Telefon vs. Telephone
Also, if it sounds like an f, you should use an f.

Farmasi vs. Pharmacy
It just makes so much sense.

I have finally found a country that spells things logically. This makes me happy.