Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blogging for A Year!

"My name is Amber, and I live with an incurable disease."

I wrote that exactly one year ago.

One year ago, I decided I was done being silent about my disease. I wanted to share my story. I wanted to speak up so that others might learn. I want to tell people that it is ok that they can not fix my disease and that some days I just have no spoons left.

When I started this blog, I did not foresee my crisis in April. I did not realize that we would stumble upon how Qualitest generic hydrocortisone was making me and multiple others so sick. I have seen fourteen different specialists since April 19th. This past year has been difficult for me with my Addison's.

I'm still Clearly Alive.

I still actively choose to remain optimistic and work with this beast, be it by running a half marathon or walking a 5k. I live my life day by day, thankful for my journey.

Oh, and I've learned that not everyone might understand what "STEROID DEPENDENT" means. I got a new medical alert bracelet to hopefully clear up the confusion. If you don't understand that last line... well... then... you need help.

I blacked out my last name and year of birth for this picture.
The "13.1" is to remind me that I have been able to accomplish some pretty amazing things,
Addison's and all.
Here's to my next year of blogging being even more full of adventure! But let's make it the good kind of adventure. I'd like to avoid medical adventures for a bit.


  1. Amber... I have followed your journey through my friendship with your mom, first, and then through your blog. You are a dear girl and cherished by many. You have so many wonderful experiences ahead of you this next year and I'll be cheering you and your family on!

  2. Hi, Amber! I have Addison's too. It's an adventure we wouldn't choose, but bravo to you for choosing to make the most despite it. Where'd you get your bracelet? I have the kind you put a little paper in and I like yours much better.
    God bless!
    Kimberly Rae

    1. Hi Kimberly! I am so thankful someone saw two things about Addison's Disease in their newsfeed and decided to link us up. I look forward to reading more of your writing.

      And the bracelet is from

      I absolutely love it and have several different for the band. It's the wristID slim.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm trying to remove all chances of a misunderstanding. "Steroid Dependent" and "Addison's Disease" weren't enough. Here's hoping that last line will get through to people!

  4. Hi Amber! Love your blog. I too have AD & would love some more info about dosing for running. I am having trouble finding the right dose. Currently I'm running a little over 8 miles (11-12 minute time) but as a result of increasing the steroids I have started gaining weight in my stomach esp. At the rate of 2-3 lbs a week! Any suggestions?! So frustrating.
    Kristen S


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