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  1. Hi Amber, I love your blog- so informative! I'm wondering about the fillers in the generic hydrocortisone. My Mom has been on Greenstone Hydrocortisone for 9 months, which is when her chronic headaches began. She never had headaches before then. She has since had headaches every day, eye strain, and neck pain. We have been searching for the cause of all these symptoms. Her doctor insists that the NDT (only 2 grains) and hydrocortisone are not the cause. Now he thinks it's the fillers. Is there anything she can take (that you know of) that would rid her body of the fillers? Like a detox perhaps? She stopped the Greenstone and is now on Bio identical hydrocortisone in an olive oil base. However, she still has the headaches, neck pain, and eye strain after being off the Greenstone for 1 week. Can you give me any insight from your experience?

    1. Headaches can be caused by so many things, so it's important to try to determine the true root cause of them. Common causes of mine include allergies, female cycle, too low of a dose of HC, and the need to see a chiropractor. If her thyroid dose is off as well, that could cause an issue.

      If a filer is suspected, it's important to try to determine what filler. For us on Qualietest, we seemed to be reacting to the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

      As for riding of fillers, I definitely experienced a detox phase when I came off of Qualitest. I just gave it time, as my body naturally flushed the poison from my system.

      Best of luck!

      ~ Amber


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