Saturday, December 24, 2016

The House: My Work Studio

I am both an artist and an engineer. As of late, I have not had much time for art. HOWEVER that does not mean that I don't plan on picking up in the future. In order to do so, I need to have a space in which I feel both safe and inspired. We decided to turn a spare bedroom into such a space.

The guy who lived in this room previously had a water bed, which left a permanent 'X' on the carpet.

The Goals:

  • Paint the walls.
  • Replace the carpet.
  • Replace the closet door and main door.
  • Replace all yellowed outlets and light switches.
  • Refinish the interior of the closet.
  • Install baseboards.
  • Set up an Art Studio / Electronics Lab.

The original closet door, with no door handle.

The Timeline:

We worked on this room while waiting for paint to dry for our first remodel project. As luck would have it, we actually finished this room first.

We started this room September 2016.
My husband installed the final door knob on December 23rd, 2016.

We wanted to refinish the inside of the closet.
This is partway through that refinish.

The Work in Progress

I laughed quite loudly after receiving this text message from my husband.

All the yellow outlets replaced with white.
Oh man, did my fingers hurt after fiddling with that 12-gauge wire.

Removing the carpet padding with helpful puppy.

Subfloor sealed. Also, my husband was very distraught with how he executed the painting of the floor.
Notice how his drink is completely out of reach due to the wet floor paint.

New flooring makes SUCH a difference!

And adding baseboards gives it a finished look.

Ikea Ivar shelving for the win!

Helpful puppy showing off the properly hemmed curtains.

My father and my husband installing black out curtains underneath the hemmed curtains.

We splurged on the closet door. It's actually a chalk board.

The Results

And with the final installation of the door knob, my art studio / electronics lab is complete!
Merry Christmas to me!!!!

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