Saturday, October 22, 2016

The House: The Dining Room Table

I am not a fan of any form of shopping, let alone furniture shopping. I can last perhaps an hour before I am hit with a wave of extreme fatigue and feel like I am about to collapse. Unfortunately, a home needs furniture. Fortunately, I have been able to procrastinate on buying furniture for quite a while. When I first moved into my apartment at the beginning of my career, my parents were downsizing. I was able to obtain a large amount of furniture without the dread of shopping for it.

And yet, I have never had a good dining room table. My first table, I bought incredibly brain fogged during an Ikea adventure. It was known to murder knees and my husband had a very strong dislike towards its impracticality. It could barely seat four and was not very welcoming.

No knees are safe from the Bjursta!

After we moved back to Texas from Malaysia, my husband was determined to upgrade our eating arrangement with something that actually allowed him to sit down and not injure himself. He searched craigslist and discovered a round table that he fell in love with. It was definitely an upgrade from what I had previously and required no effort on my part to obtain.

Olive Thief tested.
Olive Thief approved.
Now we own a house. It was time to upgrade again, as our current dining room table shall become our kitchen table. We wanted a new table that could serve as a gathering place to foster meaningful relationships. And, of course, it should be something that would not injure my husband's knees. Finding such a thing was rather difficult.

The Goals:

  • Seat six comfortably, with an option to expand to eight.
  • Not murder knees!
  • Be sturdy enough to last for many years and many meals.

The Timeline:

We had been looking at tables since we bought the house in August of 2016. Shopping for furniture as a married couple is difficult. What he would prefer for function, I would disagree with on color. What I would prefer in color, he would voice objections to on style. After many trips to furniture stores, I had given up on the possibility of us actually finding anything. I told my skilled wood worker of a husband that he should just build us something so he could get exactly what he wanted and I could be spared from furniture stores.

But then one Saturday he turns to me and asks, "Do you think we could buy a table before our friends visit?"

"Wait. You're ok with buying a table?"

"Yes. Let's go look."

Off on a spontaneous adventure to a furniture store we went! AND we found it! We found something that worked with his functionality requirements and my color requirements! We found something that we both absolutely love! AND we were able to have it delivered before we hosted our next out of town guests! We won't have to share meals on a card table and the carpet!

We purchased the table on October 8th, 2016.
The table was delivered on October 20th, 2016.
Our friends arrived on October 21st, 2016.

The cleared space in the living / dining room area in preparation for the delivery.
Note sleeping puppy on the loveseat.

The Work in Progress:

We're normally DIYers, but we decided for this purchase to have it delivered and assembled for us.

As they were assembling it, they noticed that one of the chairs was manufactured wrong.
That part is actually backwards. We're getting a replacement chair.

Look at that beautiful top!

The Results:

So beautiful.
I cannot wait for all the stories this table will hear, for all the meals this table shall hold, and for all the times that I shall squirt bottle the cats so that they know that they are not allowed on the top of this table.

Friends and family, please know that you are always welcome for a meal or fellowship at this new gathering spot. Our house will never be perfectly clean, and I might need to sneak away to regain some spoons due to my Adrenal Insufficiency, but that's just life. Feel free to share it with us.


  1. Love your attitude - that it's not a piece of furniture to show off, but a "gathering place to foster meaningful relationships" - a place where "friends and family are welcome". It's a bonus that it's also beautiful! (Sandy)

    1. I cannot wait to have y'all over for food and perhaps another game of Yahtzee :)

      ~ Amber