Sunday, September 18, 2016

The House: Labor Day

For Labor Day, we had the pleasure of my parents and my aunt and uncle visiting us. They were our first house guests! We used the time together (and the extra hands / extra truck) to tackle some projects on our new house.

The crew!

Because of all the activity, I did have to up-dose several times in order to keep my Adrenal Insufficiency stable. But through pro-active measures, I was able to have a very successful weekend. I greatly enjoyed the time spent with my family. They make up such a key part of my support team.

The Goals:

  • Install the garage workshop.
  • Get tips / tricks / ideas for the new house.
  • Find a Washer / Dryer.

The empty space for a washer and dryer.

The Timeline:

My family was only in town for the long weekend (September 2nd - September 5th, 2016). We wanted to get as much done as possible, but we also wanted to do some "touristy" stuff. This included a drive around Lake Tahoe and experiencing some "Best in the West" ribs at the annual cook-off.

My aunt and I by Lake Tahoe.

My parents with my husband at the "Best in the West" Rib Cook-off.

The Work In Progress:

My dad installing insulation in the garage.

Moving in the cabinets.

Looking good!

At first, the dryer did not power on.
Turns out the previous owners had cut the power to it in order to have another outlet in the garage.
It's fixed now. Thank you husband.

The Results:

We'll consider this the "start" of organization.

We can wash clothes!
Next step: Make it so that the washing machine doesn't cause the tub to back up.
Oh, those hidden joys of home ownership.


  1. You mentioned that you up dosed several times. I've wanted to do that on busy days. How do you know how much to add? My mother is 90 and I am her caregiver. This afternoon I had to take her to the doctor and felt awful and had a hard time following the doctor's instructions . I wanted to take extra cortef, but wasn't sure that was a good idea. By the time I got home, I had to go to bed. I still feel awful. How do you know when it is okay to up dose?

    1. Any time you find yourself struggling with understanding simple instructions or what is going on around you, it is a good idea to try a little bit of a bump up in dose. 2.5 mg HC is a safe starting amount, and then you can re-evaluated in 20-30 minutes as you ask yourself "Am I getting better? Am I getting worse? Am I staying the same?"

      This blog post explains some of the signs and symptoms I go through as I begin to "fade" :

      Hope this helps! Please don't consider it medical advice as I am not a medical professional. Everything I share here is just based off of my own personal experience and research.

      ~ Amber

    2. Thank you, Amber. I appreciate how you admit to the "bad" times. I've been reading another blog for a few years and I always feel so inadequate because its author makes it seem like "fading" isn't a problem. For me "fading" is a daily event. My life is very stressful and I'm never sure how much HC to take. Plus, my most-recent DEXA showed bone density at -5.6!!!! The doctor said that my bones are so bad from the HC that she wouldn't even do an exam for fear that my spine would break. Another doctor said they are so frail that I could break a hip just walking across the room. Presently, I take 30mg Cortef. Because of my bones, I'm afraid to bump up a dose. Reading your blogs has been extremely encouraging to me. Thank you very much for admitting that you "fade." I don't feel so alone.

    3. I am happy my words and experiences allow you to feel less alone :)
      That is the entire reason I write.