Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Awareness T-Shirts

I've had an idea floating around for quite some time. I wanted awareness t-shirts. I wanted them to be a bold, in-your-face, cannot be ignored type of shirt. I wanted to wear them while I run (well, when I get back to running. Darn you April. I'm still too weak to train regularly).

My first draft might have been a little too in-your-face.

"Ask me about my steroids."

Yeah, let's have me running a race bragging that I take steroids. While I do want to generate discussion, I might not want to generate that type of discussion.

Round two turned out better.

It's amazing the discussion that these shirts have already started. Someone saw me working on them and thought that they were a joke. "Life-saving steroids? Yeah right."I then proceeded to explain Adrenal Insufficiency. He thought steroids were only used to treat severe lung issues, reduce inflammation, or combat horrible infections as a last result. I was able to explain to him that I take a MUCH lower dose of those steroids and without them, I would die. They are my life-saving drug, just like insulin is a life-saving drug to a Type-1 diabetic. Awareness raised.

I didn't used to be this passionate about re-educating people on Steroid Dependence. Then I almost died due to lack of education. Now, I speak up, speak loud, and speak passionately. Things such as my new medical alert bracelet do not give people the option to misinterpret the severity of my situation.

May we continue to raise awareness so that events like Sarah Thomas's death never happen again. Sarah Thomas died because the paramedics did not understand Adrenal Insufficiency. We can prevent more unnecessary deaths through awareness and education.

I would like to remain Clearly Alive.

Here's a selfie, with a broke cell phone camera showing the front and back of the shirts.
They're AWESOME!

03/31/14 UPDATE: Want to know something awesome? We sold over eighty shirts between round one and round two of these orders. That's a lot of people walking around challenging people to "Ask me about life-saving steroids." Wear your shirts and wear them proudly!

06/25/14 UPDATE: Round two working with the t-shirt printer failed. His shop dropped the ball. I apologize for all those who were excited about receiving their shirts, your money shall be refunded.

08/28/14 UPDATE: I FIGURED OUT A WAY TO CONSTANTLY SELL THESE! Happy dance! Check out the shirts and other awareness items here. Proceeds will be donated to either NADF or AIU.
New shirts! New shirts! :)


  1. Replies
    1. Kimberly Robinson BurnetteDecember 7, 2013 at 3:45 PM

      Amber- Are the first two shirts in men's sizes? Not sure how to order size and also want to post to page. Is there a size chart we can use somewhere?

    2. Yes ma'am! I can add them to this post right now. Good idea!

  2. Replies
    1. Let me contact the mother/daughter team and see if it's too late to add to the order. What shirts would you want?

    2. Kelly, if you can order within the next few hours, we will be able to tack it onto the current order. The order form is live again.

  3. Hi I just found your blog tonight--- I LOVE your t shirts. Let me know when you'll be selling them again as I would love to get some.

    1. We are doing round two of the shirts :)

  4. Please go on for a round 2 guys xx

    1. We are! They'll be shipped out in April.

  5. Replies
    1. Which style are you referring too?

  6. Are the shirts available? If so how do we order them ?
    Thank you

    1. Hey Monica, these shirts are currently unavailable. When I return stateside, I'll research ways to make them available again. I love the designs :)

  7. As soon as you're 100% yourself again, and you have time, there's a bunch of us on MAGIC's "Parents of Panhypopituitarism Children" fb page who would LOVE to get one of these shirts!!!


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