Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Bad

After I graduated college, I moved to a completely new state to live with my grandmother. I had a full time job lined up, but it didn’t begin until middle of August. I would have the summer to rest and relax before I started my big girl job.

Well, I grew bored. My mom suggested I join a gym so that I could run. Have I mentioned before how much I love running? Well, I love to run. I decided to join the gym down the street for the two months I had left living with my grandmother. While signing up for my membership, I had to give the personal trainer my driver’s license.
The swollen face was due to improper steroid dosage.

He took my license and studied it for a few seconds. He then looked back at me and cautiously stated, "It looks like you have already lost a bunch of weight..."

“Oh that? Nah, my face was just super puffy because my steroids were too high.”

He didn’t quite know how to respond to my statement. He just gave me a puzzled look as he finished my paperwork. Later as I was telling the story to my mom on the phone she reminded me that for the average person, steroids are BAD. Personal trainers are especially taught that steroids are bad. I didn’t mention that I was on steroids to keep me alive due to Addison’s Disease. I just mentioned my steroids. My bad.
This is me without the puffy face.
My mom definitely got a good laugh out of that.

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